National Volunteer Week

Did you know that April 21 through the 27th is National Volunteer Week?


We do, and we are dedicating this week’s blog to recognizing our volunteers. Radio Eye has over 150 volunteers who read to our listeners, seven days a week, early in the morning, on holidays, and weekends. Volunteers like Christine Vanderhoof, who has been with Radio Eye since 1992, is still coming in to read the Herald-Leader on Wednesday mornings.

Our listeners depend on our volunteers to stay informed about what’s happening in their own community and the world through the day’s news.  Our readers come together to read the major area papers, the Lexington Herald-Leader and the Courier Journal, in groups of two or three. The control board operator sets the microphone volumes for the live readers. The Herald-Leader begins at 8am and the Courier Journal starts at 11am. As one reader approaches the end of a story, they raise their hand to alert the next reader it’s almost their turn.  Other readers come in throughout the day to read 30 minute segments, often recorded alone in single booths (we have four). These volunteers don’t always see many others, they don’t see our listeners, but their words reach almost ten thousand people across Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

Not everyone who volunteers at Radio Eye is a reader. Some of our volunteers sit on committees. We have four – Outreach, Expansion, Marketing, and Development. These groups do the important work of building awareness, helping us find outlets like hospitals and nursing homes where our audio stream can be added to in-house closed circuit television, letting people know who we are and what we do (and how to help), and raising money to pay for infrastructure and a tiny administrative staff. Our work could not happen without people like Marlene James (left), who spoke to the Lion’s Club earlier this year, and to many other groups, and people like Lindsay Harrell (left) who helped man our booth at the iKnow Expo. Committee members work behind the scenes to put together events and write letters, make calls, and support Radio Eye in creative ways.

marlene lindsay


This year, we recognized ten volunteers who had a lifetime contribution of over 1000 hours.

1. Tom Dixon

2. Muzzy Hemken

3. Barb McGroarty

4. Shelly Meyer

5. Freida Vinegar

6. Deb Shoss

7. Christine Vanderhoof

8. Maureen Wrobel

We also have interns, Lindsay Studer and Martha Jones served this year. Maggie King is our newest addition and will be with us until August. We were very sorry to lose Tom Shofner, who made everyone feel welcome and was a wonderful person to be around. Tom was the person to greet me as I came to Radio Eye the first time, and he made me feel welcome and comfortable.

We have also been able to participate in the AmeriCorps Vista program for many years. Our current director, Amy Hatter, is a former Vista volunteer, and our current Marketing and Outreach coordinator, Katy McBride, is able to be with us through the Vista program.

As we look forward to this year, we know that many members of the community will step up to answer the needs of our listeners. We want to be sure they know that we are grateful for every minute of their time, late night emails, predawn drives and holiday mornings. We just had a great party recognizing this year’s volunteers. We’ll have a potluck get together this summer. We host a regular new volunteer orientation on Fridays – just call or email Chelsey (Chelsey.vandyke@radioeye.org) to register. We will welcome you with open arms to the Radio Eye family and we know that our listeners will appreciate your contribution to the essential work that we do.


-Lissa Probus, Volunteer

Program Schedule

Program Changes at Radio Eye

radio eye logo

A big thing happened at Radio Eye last week – after months of preparation, we finally were able to split our Lexington and Louisville broadcasts! Our Louisville area listeners will now have separate programming from our Central Kentucky listeners. Both streams are available at www.radioeye.org, and on the iBlink radio app for Android phones and iPhones.

While listeners in both regions will continue to receive our most popular programs – like the Herald-Leader, Courier Journal, and Grocery Show – there are some differences in the programs. Central Kentucky listeners will hear the Herald-Leader Sports section (now at 9:30am!), while Louisville listeners will get the Courier Journal Sports section (also at 9:30) .

Local papers (such as the Danville Advocate Messenger and Oldham Era) will broadcast only to their region. For example, on Mondays, Louisville listeners can hear the Kentucky Standard at 10:30am, while Lexington listeners will hear the Mt. Sterling Advocate.

We’ve also added some new programming! The New York Times takes the place of USA Today at 1pm Monday – Friday. Jazz in Words and Music will play at noon on Wednesdays. The Disability News has now been expanded to an hour-long program.

A few people really deserve credit for this change. Doug Collins, our volunteer engineer, helped set up all the equipment changes here in the studio and in Louisville. Chelsey VanDyke set up our new playlists, and organized all the volunteers into their new reading times. A shout out also goes to Sam Bushman, who set up our Louisville internet stream through Shoutcast. Finally, Justin York helped to set up our Louisville Shoutcast stream, and when it went down, he helped to get it back online. Way to go Justin!

Thank you, everyone – and to all the volunteers who were flexible and changed their reading times and shows in order to give our listeners what they really want. We couldn’t do this without you!

~Amy Hatter

Executive Director


All changes:

body and soul

Both broadcasts

Monday: New program Body and Soul at noon

Monday – Friday: USA Today replaced with New York Times at 1pm

Monday – Sunday: Herald-Leader repeat moved to 6pm

Monday – Sunday: Courier Journal repeat moved to 8pm

Monday – Sunday: Kentucky Series moved to 12:30pm


Tuesday: New program Jazz in Words and Music at noon

Tuesday: Disability News lengthened to one-hour at 3pm

Thursday: Get Fit removed from this day

Thursday: New program Keystrokes at 3pm

Friday: Get Fit moved to noon

Saturday: Hear and There Audio Magazine moved to noon

Saturday and Sunday: Sports News moved to 9:30am

Sunday: Get Fit broadcasts at 7:30am


Lexington broadcast only

Monday and Friday: Community Update changed to Lexington Update

Monday – Friday: Sports News replaced with Herald-Leader Sports and moved to 9:30am

Monday – Sunday: All Louisville-area regional papers removed

Thursday: Business Lexington moved to noon; Louisville Business First removed from broadcast

Regional paper broadcasts:

  • Monday: Mt. Sterling Advocate

  • Tuesday: Richmond Register

  • Wednesday: Jessamine Journal

  • Thursday: Danville Advocate Messenger

  • Friday: Anderson News

  • Saturday: Woodford & Scott County News, and the Frankfort State Journal (at 10am)

  • Sunday: Bourbon and Clark County News


Louisville broadcast only

Monday and Friday: Community Update changed to Louisville Update

Monday – Friday: Sports News replaced with Courier Journal Sports and moved to 9:30am

Monday – Sunday: All regional papers moved to 10:30am

Monday – Sunday: All Central Kentucky regional papers removed

Louisville Biz First

Thursday: Louisville Business First moved to noon; Business Lexington removed from broadcast

Regional paper broadcasts:

  • Monday: Kentucky Standard

  • Tuesday: News and Tribune

  • Wednesday: Sentinel News

  • Thursday: LEO

  • Friday: Oldham Era

  • Saturday: News and Tribune, and Frankfort State Journal (at 10am)

  • Sunday: none


Development, Events

Updates from the Development Committee

Our Development Committee has been working hard on planning fun events to raise money for Radio Eye.

On March 21st Heirloom in Midway donated 15% of their profits to us. A group of volunteers and staff got together to go eat and had a wonderful meal.


Today Radio Eye is having a 5% day at Whole Foods! We will receive 5% of the profits from sales all day. Members from the Outreach Committee will be at a table from 11am – 1pm and from 4pm – 6pm to spread the word about Radio Eye to Whole Foods patrons.


On April 14th we are excited to be having our first dining out event in Louisville at Patrick O’Shea’s! If you bring in a special coupon, Radio Eye will receive 20% of your bill.

Find the coupons here: http://lgdata.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/docs/697/713295/O_Shea_s_Coupons.jpg


If anyone has suggestions of other restaurants we can having dining out events, please let the staff know. Call us at 859-422-6390 or email us at info@radioeye.org.

-Chelsey VanDyke, Studio Manager