Community Outreach, Events, Expansion

Kentucky Council for the Blind Conference

by Lucy Stone.


I consider myself a little bit of a go-getter. That’s why when it came time to send people to the Kentucky Council of the Blind conference in Louisville this past weekend, I happily volunteered. It is no secret that I fell in love with my job on the first day. Our volunteers are the sweetest people and I knew that our listeners had to be as well. I thought it would be beyond difficult to wake up at 5:30 so that I could leave in time to get to the conference in order to set up a little before 8am, but I was wrong. As soon as my alarm went off I was filled with excitement because I KNEW that it was going to be a great day! I was right.  It was so amazing to get to meet some of the people we help on a daily basis. It seemed that everyone who came by our booth already had our radio and were more than pleased with their service. It was really cool to see how excited people got when we mentioned we were moving into Eastern Kentucky. I passed out several applications to potential Eastern Kentucky listeners and they were all so happy to have another service cater to helping them.

The booth Radio Eye had was situated between the “See the World” booth and a jewelry stand. I had the pleasant opportunity to chat with the folks at the “See the World” booth and they gave me some rookie knowledge. A very nice lady told me that they carry all of our information and that most people who come in don’t even know about our type of program. We are working very hard to change that! What I found most interesting about their booth was the huge variety of things that they had. From talking bibles, to talking alarm clocks, Braille watches, and even Braille Uno cards, they had it all! The lady said that the increase in technology has just opened up a new world for the blind and visually impaired. I was blown away. I loved having the chance to talk to various people and see how they each, uniquely, used different devices. The hardest part for me, of course, was being around all the dogs and not reaching out to pet them. It was pretty cool to watch the animals see for the person. They knew all the right moments to do all the right things. They were all so well behaved. I did learn, however, that Wildman was known to steal something yummy right off the table from time to time. With that knowledge I moved our candy bowl a little farther from the edge of the table.

Overall, I am so happy that I got the opportunity to attend such an informational conference. Several times Radio Eye was mentioned and I had such a sense of pride and happiness whenever people clapped or said something positive about all the work we’re doing. During lunch I chatted with a couple who are very familiar with Radio Eye and their enthusiasm for our program just made me want to work harder to share that positivity with others. I love our listeners. I love our volunteers. I love our program. And, I love my job.


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