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Name Change Press Release

Radio Eye, Inc

“Your Eye on the Written World”

1733 Russell Cave Road, Lexington, Kentucky 40505

Telephone: 859-422-6390   ~  Website:

LEXINGTON, KY  —  Radio Eye, Kentucky’s only radio reading service, recently changed their name in order to better address the ever growing coverage area that they broadcast their service to.

“We need to get the message out that we aren’t just in Central Kentucky anymore,” said Lucy Stone, Assistant Studio Manager. “We now have signals that cover South Eastern as well as parts of Eastern Kentucky. Our listener base is growing and we’re happy to reach out in ways that we couldn’t before. By dropping the Central Kentucky, we include all of our listeners and volunteers in what we’re doing.”

The decision came following the completion of Radio Eye’s merger with WEKU, which allows the signal to be broadcasted throughout the mountain. “In partnering with WEKU, we should be able to reach an additional 17,000 listeners,” Stone said. “We could be helping 17,000 people who may not have the ‘word’ at their fingertips but they will certainly have the word at their earlobes!

In addition to current newspapers, magazines, and other printed material, Radio Eye will broadcast different regional papers in the Eastern Kentucky area.

The name change takes place immediately. The new program guides will be printed with the name Radio Eye when they are sent out later this month. Changes to social media include changing the name and handle on Facebook and Twitter.

The streams for all programs can be heard at and on the iBlink Radio smartphone app.



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