Blind Ballroom Dancing

“Every Wednesday the gymnasium at the Tennessee School for the Blind is transformed into a dance studio.  Students like 16-year-olds Juan Carlos and Stephanie Wilson are learning the Waltz, the Meringue and East Coast Swing.  “It’s great for their self-esteem,” says the school’s superintendent Dr. Martin Monson.    But the real story is who’s teaching them.  Led by Patricia Lefler, owner of Dance World off Fessler’s Lane, the instructors include retired metro police homicide detective Bobby Green and Peggy Ivy.  Ivy, who has been dancing for about 4-years, has something in common with the students.  She’s blind.  “It’s great socialization.  It’s great for your self-esteem.  It’s great exercise.”  Ivy loves to dance and says she can’t say enough about the benefits.  As for the kids, Juan Carlos, who has a musical background, says his favorite number is the Meringue.   “It’s fun.  So interesting.  It’s a lot of fun,” he tells Fox 17.  Lefler says the benefits of dance will be with these students long after class is dismissed.  Scott Couch, scouch@fox17.com”