25th Anniversary of Radio Eye

It was 25 years ago today that Radio Eye began broadcasting!  We found a speech that Al Crabb wrote out for an event around 15 years ago and thought we would share it.  Here is the text and attached is a copy of the original.

Fresh from the archives:

“CKRE has been an interesting agency in many ways.  A few times I have felt as if I had that proverbial tiger by the tail, but never did I feel in danger of being bitten.  The reason for that is simple:  the volunteers.

Imagine if you will those days when the first broadcast was looming – and it was obviously impossible to do it alone.  That is when something happened that occurred over and over through the succeeding years:  volunteers showed up!  And some of those volunteers in that first year are still with us.  They are the Golden Tonsils of this operation, without whom we could not have opened the ears of our listeners.  To honor them in a special way tonight I would like to remind them of the length of their service with these certificates, and to call the attention of the rest of our group to their contributions to our enterprise.

These certificates read:  “The Golden Tonsil Award” and note the first month of service to CKRE.  These recipients may be confident that their certificates are rare even if not valuable, for no others may ever be issued.

And just as these volunteers (and many others along the way) have made it possible to reach our tenth anniversary, I want to applaud the volunteers assembled here tonight who have adjusted their hour and their calendars to the service of our audience.  They are indeed the staff of this organization – the Staff of Life CKRE.  In recognition of that fact, with a generous gift from Great Harvest bakery, there is a loaf of Great Harvest bread for each volunteer here tonight.  As you leave tonight, take with you this reminder that you are the Staff of Life of CKRE, without whom there would be silence.

And so I am gone, but to make sure I am not forgotten, I will drop in at increasingly rare intervals to watch you grow, expand, and continue to serve.

But here, tonight, I want you to join me in thanking Joyce McGuire for her unending work to keep us on the air, to monitor our programming, and to line up volunteers for those inevitable circumstances when we are short of readers.  Joyce – here are symbols of our gratitude and indebtedness.”

– Al Crabb, founder of Radio Eye

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Thank you, United Bank!

Unitedbank horz color

We would like to welcome United Bank as one of our Flush sponsors for our upcoming Night for Sight on November 6th!

United Bank has locations in Fayette, Jessamine, Scott, and Woodford counties.

Thank you so much, United Bank, for your commitment to radio reading for people who are blind or print impaired!

To buy tickets for Night for Sight, go to http://www.nightforsight.radioeye.org, or call 859-422-6390.