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Name Change Press Release

Radio Eye, Inc

“Your Eye on the Written World”

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LEXINGTON, KY  —  Radio Eye, Kentucky’s only radio reading service, recently changed their name in order to better address the ever growing coverage area that they broadcast their service to.

“We need to get the message out that we aren’t just in Central Kentucky anymore,” said Lucy Stone, Assistant Studio Manager. “We now have signals that cover South Eastern as well as parts of Eastern Kentucky. Our listener base is growing and we’re happy to reach out in ways that we couldn’t before. By dropping the Central Kentucky, we include all of our listeners and volunteers in what we’re doing.”

The decision came following the completion of Radio Eye’s merger with WEKU, which allows the signal to be broadcasted throughout the mountain. “In partnering with WEKU, we should be able to reach an additional 17,000 listeners,” Stone said. “We could be helping 17,000 people who may not have the ‘word’ at their fingertips but they will certainly have the word at their earlobes!

In addition to current newspapers, magazines, and other printed material, Radio Eye will broadcast different regional papers in the Eastern Kentucky area.

The name change takes place immediately. The new program guides will be printed with the name Radio Eye when they are sent out later this month. Changes to social media include changing the name and handle on Facebook and Twitter.

The streams for all programs can be heard at and on the iBlink Radio smartphone app.



Radio Eye’s 7th Annual Celebrity Reader Week

Radio Eye just wrapped up our 7th Annual Celebrity Reader Week. We were so pleased to have had  local celebrities from the arts, media, and government join our regular readers.

On Monday Rufus Friday, President and Publisher of the Herald-Leader, read with our regular Herald team.  John Brokamp, Publisher/Founder of Sampler Publications, read Health & Wellness for our Health Corner program.  Dr. Jim Klotter, Kentucky Historian, recorded a special program about World War II.

Imagejohn brokampjim klotter

On Tuesday Tom Eblen, Herald-Leader columnist, joined our Herald-Leader team. tom eblen1

Wednesday, Carl Nathe, UK Football Announcer, read with our Herald-Leader team.  Judge Jim Ishmael read with our Courier Journal team.  Frank X Walker, Poet Laureate, read  part 1 of a 10 part series of his own work. Tune in on each Saturday at 12:30pm and 5:30pm to hear him read.

carl nathejudge ishmaelfrank x walker

Thursday, Bill Goodman of KET joined our Herald-Leader team.  2nd District Council Member Shevawn Akers read Southsider and Kentucky Living Magazine in our Kentucky Series program.

whole group thursday

shevawn akers

On Friday Ann Hammond, Director of the Lexington Public Library, joined our Herald-Leader readers. Sue Wylie joined our regular Courier Journal readers. JoEllen Wilhoite, Community Relations Manager at Barnes & Noble, came in to read our Kentucky Series program. Mayor Jim Gray also joined us on Friday, reading our Kentucky Series program.

ann hammondsue wylie

JoEllen Wilhoitemayor gray

Finally, on Sunday, Judge Ernesto Scorsone read with our Herald-Leader readers.


Radio Eye staff had so much fun with Celebrity Reader Week that we decided to host more guest readers in November. The Governor has declared November Radio Reading Services month once again. Radio Eye  has decided to celebrate by inviting more guest readers to join us during the whole month of November!

Who would you like to hear read on Radio Eye? Leave us a comment below or on Facebook!

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Social Media Portfolio

Radio Eye is expanding its social media presence! It is easy to find us on the web through our website. We are at . You may also access our audio stream from the web site directly. In addition to our Facebook and Twitter pages, there have been some new icons appearing to the right side of the Website. Our new Marketing and Expansion Coordinator Katy McBride has been building bridges with other social media sites such as Pinterest and YouTube.

We at Radio Eye do a very special and specific thing. We read current print media to a listening audience who could not access this information otherwise. Our effort to convert this content is intended to expand our Listener’s access and make their world a bit more exciting for those who might not be able to participate in other ways. It’s a subtle way of bringing people together in a shared culture of local news, magazines and simple things like grocery ads. As we grow with the rest of the world, we are finding new ways to reach out, and right now our focus is social media. The blog is our newest effort, in fact!



Social media is a growing part of the internet and media world. For a while now, we have been present on Facebook, .We invite you to join us there and make friends with other listeners and volunteers who participate with Facebook. Being our friend on Facebook will keep you up to date on where we’ll be in the community and how to join in. Plus,  you might make some great friends of your own.



We also have a spot in the Twitterverse at: . Here we are posting links to resources, pictures of our Outreach events and Quotes that help us all do more than we ever thought we could. These outlets give us a personal way to spread the word about what’s happening with Radio Eye, what we need and how you can support us so that we may support the visually impaired community of Kentucky. You can see some lovely pictures of our dining out Event that we had at Heirloom Restaurant in Midway on March 21st. The Outreach Committee also spoke at a Bell House Seniors Group on March 11th.

Dining Out Fundraiser: Patrick O’Shea’s

Next month we will have a Dining Out Event in Louisville to raise money. It is going to be at Patrick O’Shea’s in Downtown Louisville on Sunday, April 14th. Tickets can be obtained through the Radio Eye office or online. A ticket must be presented to your server in order for Radio Eye to receive the 20% credit to their organization.

Kentucky Gives Day

This month and next, we will be using Twitter to build awareness of a special one day campaign called KYGives Day. It is an online one day event for nonprofit organizations in Kentucky. The big day takes place on Wednesday, April 24th. Donors need go to where they can pledge to our organization. On that same day, Radio Eye will be having an Open House from 11-1 pm to promote the 1 Day Fundraiser.

Whole Foods 5% Day

If you watch our Facebook & Twitter streams, you will learn about fun things like a chance to visit with volunteers at Whole Foods Market in Lexington on April, 3rd. Whole Foods is sponsoring a 5% Day for CKRE where they will donate 5% of the days profits to Radio Eye!


pinterest icon

We have added a Pinterest Channel to our Social Media Portfolio. The web address is So what is Pinterest do you ask? Pinterest is a pinboard style photo sharing website. It allows people to create and manage theme based images such as events, interests and other categories of interest. For example Radio Eye has the categories Founders, Volunteers, Staff, Library, Events, and more. In each of these Boards there are photos and images that relate to the topic. Users can browse other people’s or company’s pinboards for inspiration and then repin their images to their own pinboard. When all the images come together with all of your favorite categories, the result is pretty amazing.

You Tube

You Tube Channell

We have also added a YouTube Channel: which has some great interviews gathered together in one spot. We hope to use YouTube as a way to collect resources and archive video documentation of our work and activities, and may develop our own footage in the future. Would you like to help?

WordPress Blog


We are glad to be in a position to grow with the new media and we know there will be more work to do as time goes by. We are thankful for the folks who have helped document our work over the years and look forward to those who will be watching us in the future. We are expanding our Social Media presence daily and are recruiting new followers as well. Through our Social Media Portfolio of Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Pinterest and this Blog ( we hope to keep our followers informed and even recruit new followers. Our main goal is to provide interesting and thought provoking content. So if there is anything you’d like to know more about, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you or someone you know would like to help contribute to the Social Media efforts at Radio Eye, Katy would love your help! She can be contacted at

By: Lissa Probus & Katy McBride
Marketing Committee

Our awesome Marketing Intern Lindsay

Image Central Kentucky Radio Eye makes an important impact in the lives of so many visually impaired Kentuckians, and I am so happy to have been a part of the great work this studio is doing.  I started this internship in December hoping to gain experience working in a radio station and within a professional setting.  Since starting this internship, I have met many people who are dedicated to Radio Eye and its importance to the Central Kentucky Community.   Chelsey, Amy, and Katy have been wonderful to work with, and I believe that their influence will lead Radio Eye in the right direction.

Now that my internship with Radio Eye is complete, I will be focusing on my senior projects and classes at Transylvania University.  I will be graduating in May with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Technology and a minor in Business Marketing.  In July, I will be off on my next grand adventure!  My best friend Ria and I will be learning how to organic farm in Montana during the month of July.  Afterwards, I hope to stay in touch with all the great people I have met in Lexington and find a job in radio/sound.

Thank you so much to all the volunteers.  You are the backbone of this non-profit and nothing could happen without you.  I hope to be back as soon as possible to volunteer with Radio Eye!

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Lexington Lions Club



Lions Club

The Lions Club is the World’s largest service club. They have 46K Clubs around the world and have 1.35 million active members. They help their community and serve them. They conduct vision screenings and distribute eye glasses to those in need. They distribute medicine and raise awareness of eye diseases. The organization also awards grants. Since 1968 they have awarded more than $700 million to support humanitarian projects around the world. Their moto is “We Serve” and they do so in a big way.  


The Lexington Lions Club was chartered in 1921. Originally, it was an all male club, but in the mid 80’s women were brought into the organization.  This was true of all Lions Clubs everywhere until the 80’s. The Lexington Branch has a membership of 155.  A lot of their members are older having joined when they were young.  However, they do have younger members joining, which is what they need.  A lot of members are not able to attend all meetings as they are still in full-time jobs.  The Club meets every Wednesday at Central Christian Church at 11:30–lunch is usually set out between 11:15 and 11:30.


The meeting begins at noon and lasts for an hour.  As for membership, there is nothing that a member has to do such as memorization, etc. They just have to have a willing heart and spirit to support The Lions Club endeavors.  The emphasis of the Lion Club is on sight, hearing, and diabetes education.  They do not do small fundraisers to support their charities, but are supported through the Bluegrass Fair held in July in Lexington.  Everyone is expected to help with that if they can.  There will be a new member orientation in a couple months, at that time new members will be initiated.


Applications go to the secretary on the Board of Directors. The next meeting is held on Monday, February 18, 2013. If you are interested in becoming a Lexington Lion, please contact Linda Allen at